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Wollongong Physiotherapy

Synergy Physio Co is a boutique, North Wollongong Physiotherapy clinic. Our team is passionate about treating the whole person, restoring synergy in the body, and changing people’s lives by helping them to live pain-free.

Extended Consultations

Up to one-hour initial consultations give us the time needed to get to the root cause of your problem.

1 on 1 Treatment Sessions

The booking time is only for you, allowing us to give you the best treatment, and therefore the best results.

Integrated Approach

We look at patients with a modern, integrated approach. At Synergy Physio Co, we take the many complexities into account which can contribute to a patient’s pain.

Skilled Manual Therapy

Our team has had extensive training in the art of manual therapy. This allows Synergy Physio Co to provide specific and effective, hands-on care.

“The vision for Synergy Physio Co is to bring to Wollongong, Physiotherapy with a difference. A place where we identify and treat the root cause of a patient’s problem. We are committed to providing the highest quality manual therapy and rehabilitation. We strive to give people the results they deserve.”

 The Synergy Physio Co Approach

When you visit Synergy Physio Co, you will realise that we do Physiotherapy differently.

We want to understand WHY your body is not working as it should. That is why we will spend up to an hour with you during your initial consult. At this time, your physio will gather details about previous injuries or medical problems you have had. This ensures we can piece together your unique puzzle.

Then, we carefully assess your body from head to foot, working out exactly where your key problem areas are. We establish where we need to intervene with treatment. From here, we conduct a full biomechanical assessment.  This is to correct any abnormal movement patterns and strategies that you may have developed. Synergy Physio co then provide you with a diagnosis and teach you WHY the problem has occurred. We then detail an effective plan for your recovery.

Our treatment is gentle but powerful. It will promote the healing of tissue, decrease pain and improve ease of movement.

What we treat

Synergy Physio Co is able to treat all musculoskeletal conditions. From acute low back pain and acute sporting injuries, to post-operative rehab, and longstanding musculoskeletal pain.

Our team is equipped to get you lasting results. Your physio has almost 15 years of experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, and extensive training in manual therapy techniques.

Whatever your goals may be – getting back on the rugby field, or simply gardening with the kids – we will get you there!

Synergy Physio Co - SERVICES

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